Effective copywriting is essential for a good marketing campaign, to clearly explain what your value proposition is to the viewer. They will know right from the start what’s in it for them.


At CreativeMe, we are able to produce strong, clear, creative, fresh, unique, clever and effective copy that (with good visual and design) produce great results for our clients. We are also able to provide strong keys words/copy for your websites to achieve high search engine optimisation through organic use or by adwords. Here are some samples of where copy has successfully helped produce wonderful achievements for our clients and for our own promotion.
Copywriting Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and Melbourne.
These ads for Mobil were successfully used in a retail targeted magazine to encourage retail stores to sell Mobil products.
Mobil copywriting mornington
copywriting mornington mobil
Mobil graphic design mornington
‘Every Picture Sells A Story’.
In some cases, strong visuals can say more in less time than words can.
copywriting sells website
The ‘We sell sea shells by the sea shore’ flyer was a successful promotion for us with clever copywriting. The second ad was aimed at businesses looking to rebrand, or change the face of their business, so to speak.
copywriting frankston
graphic design frankston ad
Tully’s corner produce store ads with clever headings.
advertising mt eliza
advertising mt eliza
advertising mt eliza
Creative copywriting on a panel we created for a Ritchies IGA catalogue.
copywriting for business