With CreativeMe’s branding design skills, we can create your Brand from the ground up by defining your brand strategy and developing a brand identity that includes your Visual Identity, Mission Statement and Unique Selling Proposition.

These are so important to successfully achieve a clear vision of what your business offers, it’s target market and
procedures to promote your business.


The first thing you need is a Business Corporate Identity.
This is vital for you to look the part and have the professional edge over your competitors.
CreativeMe can produce for your business a modern and strong branding design, with that professional look you really require.
We make sure your corporate brand identity works in all aspects of your business and promotional requirements, whether you are a small business or large company.

Sanderson Constructions


Sanderson Constructions is a well established builder of new homes, renovations & extensions servicing the Melbourne, Bayside & Mornington Peninsula areas. We wanted the new logo to stand out from the competition and focus on a classy look and feel that represents 30 plus years in the building industry.

Tiling Transformed


Tiling Transformed wanted a simple logo to reflect what they do: tiling. The logo reflects the laying of tiles coming together to create a unified design.

Morrows Freightlines


Morrows is a successful, established business and they wanted a major revamp of their brand. This included a new Logo, Stationery and Truck design, which they were very pleased with our final designs. Click here to see this logo in use on their website.

Brood Rebranding


Brood is a cafe located in Mt Eliza. The new owner wanted to rebrand it to become a cafe and bar that targets a young audience and evokes a feeling for community and casual environment. A new identity and slogan was developed with the new brand. The logo was designed to be just the word with a stamp effect, giving off a rustic and casual feel.

Make Designs Picture Framing


Make Designs are a picture framing business, so we wanted to create a logo that represented the angles and shapes of a picture frame. Using the ‘M’ and ‘D’ we were able to construct a visual representation of the letters with frame corners. The logo was then used to create brand awareness with a new business card and website.

CreativeMe Rebranding


Out with old, in with the new. By 2018 CreativeArtroom had changed alot. We weren’t just a graphic design studio, we were a branding and marketing agency. This prompted a rebrand that included changing the name, and reverting back to the original logo of the crescent and circle.
Why CreativeMe? We looked at our target market and even though we service many clients outside of the Mornington Peninsula, we found most of our clients were based locally. We wanted to retain the word ‘Creative’ but not ‘Artroom’ (not really an artroom anymore). We needed something shorter and CreativeMe was born (Me representing Mt Eliza). Short, simple and easy to remember!
The Logo goes back to its roots when the business was first founded by Rahman Ymer. It uses the same shape but with a few tweaks. Sticking with the red, orange and yellow metallic effect keeps the new logo inline with the brands colours used previously. A thin font adds a crisp cleanliness to the overall design.

CreativeArtroom’s Rebranding


We decided it was time for CreativeArtroom to undergo a rebrand. It began with a new logo and website.

Jenny Ymer Photography


We designed the brand for our in-house photographer Jenny Ymer Photography.